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Our students vary a lot:

  • They study different things,
  • have different goals,
  • and have different learning techniques.     

Our Students are also similar: 

  • Most have studied a long time. 
  • Learned some bad habits they repeat a lot.
  • Sometimes feel discouraged. Have had embarrassing situations.

The courses are very powerful. 

  • First they identify your problems.
  • Tell you exactly you need help improving. 
  • Give you step by step methods to become successful.

Why Our Courses Are Perfect For YOU

Speak English Today creates courses based on thousands of hours experience nd expertise in the course material.  Our courses are designed to achieve a goal.  A goal that you can measure. 


Each Course Will Identify What you will be able to do after this course.  Specific and Measurable Goals

Solve Normal Problems related to what you are learning:

Best Solutions to Achieve Your Goals.

How You Can Measure Improvement:

What You Can Do Next:

What You Should Have Achieved:

What Can You Do if You Don’t Feel Confident? 

It is important when we are studying for a test, try and improve pronunciation, going to a Visa or Job interview, want to become better at using soft skills, taking the IELTs

  • You must understand what is required.  We will help you understand exactly what you must do.  We understand the tests and the requirements.

  • How others have succeeded.  We have taught and helped students achieve.  We ask each about how they did it and bring you the best solutions.

  • Talk to Experts in the Field.  We talk to the testers, the interviewers, the people who will decide your future.  

  • Have a Good Plan: The plan includes what you need to do to succeed.  Step by step.  Everything you must learn and practice.

  • Get Help: We are here to help you every step along the way.

What Does Your Success Look Like?

Free Options

Courses With Email Support 

Premium Courses With Skype 

Based On Experiences of People Like You

Explained in Detail so You Understand

Don’t Be Surprised Later, See the Tricky Questions

Learn by self study or get intensive mentoring = You Choose

Think about what you want to do and the best way to do it.  

That is how I develop these courses to achieve your specific goals.  

Everyone must have goals to work towards.  

There are two kinds of goals such as:   

Big Goals that are long term and difficult to measure.

Step by Step Goals which build confidence and help us accomplish the big goals.


These two are different in many ways.

Most important is that the second is a single result that is measurable. 

The easier a goal is to measure the better.  

In this way you can learn step by step and feel great about your accomplishments.

The courses are GREAT because each one has ideas and techniques 

you can use immediately

and improve right away.  

in Two Minutes Sometimes!

Our Courses Work and are Effective.

Do you want to learn how to have great pronunciation and talk to people you want to do business with?  

This is easier than you think. 

My courses are different.  

  I am really. really thrilled when my students get a

  • Big contract,
  • Get their dream job,
  • Score high on a test for University
  • or IELTs,TOEIC, PTE, B1-4 C1-4 or other….
  • Pass the F1 Interview ad get a visa…….
  • Fall in Love! (Yes this is a reason to learn English).

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Release Dates Pronunciation Products

Do you want to speak more clearly?  Would you like to practice talking to people you want to do business with.

Today we all must communicate with a wide variety of people in order to do business.  Good pronunciation will earn respect and make you more confident.

We can study online and make your pronunciation improve quickly. 

Sometimes we need to meet on skype (online video chat) or go to conferences or meetings in person.

 Social skills and soft skills are a big part of getting contracts, passing interviews, selling, and networking.

 Contact Me Today 

F1 Visa Evaluation
F1 Visa Evaluation

F1 Visa “Mock” Interview

 Be Prepared.   Take a “Mock Interview”.  Find your fatal mistakes before you fail.   Practice and Become More Confident.

Soft Skills Training for Business or Individuals

This course is not only helpful but really fun.  Selfie videos to see how others see you.  Soft Skills = How do people feel about working with you.  Do people want and like to work with you?  They will 🙂

214 (b) Rejection Analysis     If you have been rejected for  an F1 Visa and want to try and figure out why, this $27 course is great.   You will be given a survey to answer the questions that most often lead to getting a 214(b) Rejection.

F1 Visa Lessons Premium (includes everything)

Includes courses for F1 Visa Preparation, Finances, Skype Lessons, Perfecting Your Answers, Lessons, “Mock F1 Visa Interview”.

High Band Scores on IELTS

The methods used are the best. Students get high band scores over and and over and use this method to accomplish this. Proven.

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  • Understand What You Need to Know
  • Become Successful

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Courses With Email Support

Great Value

  • Very Detailed
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Course, Email, and Skype

Improve Faster

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Most Popular Courses = Best Chance of Success


Quicklinks to Popular Courses

If you want to Improve Pronunciation

Want to take an F1 Visa Interview Mock Interview

Failed an F1 Visa Interview

Want to Study Pronunciation on Skye

success gold

We Create Courses to

Help You Succeed.

We also offer very reasonable courses for F1 Visa to study in the USA and especially the F1 Visa Interview at the USA Embassy.  Some people want to study a course while others want to ask questions and get advice, and others want to actually practice what they are learning.

 These courses have different levels of the same course.  

  • The Course  
  • The Course and Email Support  
  • The Course, Email Support, and Skype Lessons  

The following Courses are Open to New Students:


The way these courses work is that you can upgrade at any time.  Only you can choose which level of help you will require however use these guidelines to help you decide.  The better candidate you are, the less help you may need.  If you decide to self study, how will you know your fatal errors or problems?  

  • Self Study: Advanced English, Great Qualifications, Scholarship, Good Finances
  • Needing Support: Help with English and forming your answers, questions about some aspects of the F1 Visa or Interview, Not High Quality Application 
  • Premium with Online Lessons: Not confident, lower quality application, community college, insufficient funds, and low grade point average.

Compare the Mock Interview and F1 Premium Course:  

The F1 Visa Preparation Course teaches you all about the F1 Visa Interview and exactly what the Visa Officer wants to hear.  

The F1 Visa Mock Interview Course  tests you ability and how prepared you are in a mock interview to see how you will answer questions.  It is designed to find yoru fatal mistakes.

As you can probably tell by now, i have put a lot of time and effort into making these courses useful and complete.   The thing you must remember is that many interviews and tests only last for minutes.  Usually a lot is dependant upon your performing well.  The first impression.

Maybe the most important thing I can help you with is confidence, being prepared, and knowing your best answers.  Your best answers, not answers that are memorized and repeated and recited a hundred times a day.    

At the interview or test your going to be nervous.  I will give you methods and prepre you to be your best.

 Start Today To Be Your Best  Contact Me