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For Students Who Want Success  

First Lesson:  Making a Plan

What you will be able to do after this course.

Examples: Give a 2 minute talk.  Make a recording.  Ask 20 questions.  Discuss topics.

Problems you want me to solve:

Examples:  Pronunciation, how to answer questions, how to talk about a topic, soft skills...

Best Solutions to Achieve Your Goals.

Examples:  If you want to become good you must know ho to get better.  It is very important and the thing missing in most courses and studies.  You must know this.

How You Can Measure Improvement:

Examples:  Having goals and measuring success is what will make you become confident.

When you will practice:

Examples: Just choose and write a bunch of possible times.   Write many many times.  If you can't because you are busy it is ok.  Write times tat are possible, try your best.

What You Should Have Achieved:

Examples:  What should you already be able to do but you can not?   Let's help you.

  1. Y
  2. B
  3. A

What Can You Do if You Don't Feel Confident:

  1.  Take a deep breath.
  2.  Don't worry about the result, just try your best.
  3. Remember you will improve every time you practice.

My Special Ideas For You!